Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Installing the Cedar Shakes

Another day up in the tree.  The cedar shakes are now installed. I still have to put on a final cap row at the peak. I am going to use the left over cedar from the deck boards to fashion those.  I had soaked the shakes during the rain of the last few days with the hopes that the shakes would bend to conform to the gentle curve of the roof, but, while they did bend some, they didn't bend enough.  Perhaps over the months and years to come they will bend more. Only time will tell.

I have picked out the stain for the siding and the trim. Next job is to install the siding. I have to make sure that I caulk the seams between the siding panels and also at the bottom and top so that moisture does not infiltrate into the house.  I intend to use indoor flooring inside the house. I will put down a layer of plastic so that there is less chance of water infiltration.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Further Thoughts on the Treehouse

It is raining and I won't be up in the tree for a few more days.  I have purchased the cedar shakes for the roof. I have been advised to soak the shakes to allow them to bend before I try to install them since the roof has a curve to it.

We have been working on painting all the windows before installation. I have purchased stainless steel hinges for them.

I am building a faux chimney for the roof to be installed before I put on the cedar shakes. I am considering facing the chimney with stone.

I have purchased caulk for sealing the siding so that moisture cannot enter the house.  I want to put down another layer on the floor inside the house.  I have been considering some nice hickory laminate. It will be easier than plywood and look better.  Keeping out the moisture will certainly be better for this kind of flooring.

I intend to use the 2" poles as trim for the windows and on the corners of the building. I will rip the poles in half for the windows, and take out 1/4 of the pole for the corners.

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

It rained today, but cleared up for most of the afternoon.  Late in the day it was starting to sprinkle.  Soon afterward a magnificent rainbow appeared near the treehouse.  
I bought more supplies today.  I still need to buy the shakes for the roof.  Hard to find the really thick ones.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Treehouse walls, etc.

This weekend we worked on the railing on the crow's nest above the alcove and the stairway to the crow's nest.

We also worked on the eaves, finishing off all the work there and painting them green.  We also added a new large window on the front of the house, which can be seen in the image above.  Finally we added the siding to the same wall with the window addition.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Further Progress on the Treehouse Roof

This week we primarily continued with work on the roof, but first we installed the cable to stabilize the entire structure.  We installed eye lag bolts on diagonal corners of the deck and two eye bolts into the nearby pine tree.  Then we installed a 5/8" galvanized steel cable from the one corner of the deck, through the two points on the pine tree, and finally back to the eye bolt at the other corner of the deck.  The swaying of the deck has diminished greatly.  There is still some small amount of movement, but I will install U bolts adjacent to the eye bolts at the pine tree to limit any movement of the cable through those eye bolts.

Back at the treehouse we built a scaffold hanging out over the side of the deck where there is nowhere to stand so that we could finish laying the 1/2" plywood on the roof and the remaining facia board.  We also installed 1/4" plywood on the soffits, put on the drip edge, ice shield, and tar paper.  

On the flat roof section (the crow's nest) we put on ice shield, followed by a layer of roofing adhesive, and finally a layer of tar paper.  Before installing the soffit plywood we installed wiring so that we can install lighting under the eaves later.

On the railing, we cut the opening for the area on the deck where the ladder will go to the crow's nest, installed new posts, and the railing to protect that addition, and installed a new ladder to the crow's nest.

On the crow's nest, we started the installation of the posts for the railing.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Treehouse Roof

We spent the morning and part of the afternoon cutting the curved rafters for the roof of the treehouse. The rafters are about six feet long and have an 18 foot diameter circle curve on the outside, and a similar curve on the lower side only on the exterior and on the eaves.  We have now installed about 25% of them on the treehouse.  We should install the remaining ones tomorrow along with the facia boards and the plywood.

Today, we installed the remaining rafters, installed 1/2" plywood over most of the rafters, and a fascia board on one side only.

Monday, February 5, 2018

More Progress on the Treehouse

We have finally completed the framing of the entire treehouse, including the alcove and the crow's nest deck above and behind the house.  What has not been completed yet are the roof rafters for the main section of the house, wrapping the house with siding, intalling the shingles, and installing the windows in the frames.

We had to level the deck for the treehouse for the third time.  The weight of the structure is causing some branches to move a little.  To maintain the deck level we had to drop one corner about 2".  I am somewhat concerned with the total amount of weight we have brought up into the tree.  I am going to be installing more metal support brackets shortly in key locations.

I have now read up on building curved rafters. This should be very interesting as I have never tried to build a curved roof before.