Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Chimney and Trim

This week we worked on more of the finishing touches on the outside of the building.  We have installed six of the eight windows, the trim on 3 of them, finished the rolled roofing on the crow's nest, and installed the faux chimney.

The chimney proved to be the most difficult of the tasks.  I had originally intended to put a pulley on the pine tree immediately above the treehouse and then haul the chimney which I had fabricated in the workshop up to the crow's nest and then gently move it over to the slot in the roof where it was supposed to go.  Well, that turned into a bad theory.  The chimney weighed over 300 pounds and as much as we pulled on the ropes there was just too much weight to do it that way.  We finally cradled the chimney in some ropes and then slid it up each of the stairways with a lot of brute force.  It was exhausting.  From the crow's nest we built a platform on top of the railing and moved the chimney from the deck of the crow's nest to the platform. It was at that point that we connected the pulley system to the pine tree above and gently nudged it over into its place on the roof.  From inside we screwed it to the roof so that it would not budge.  It looks great and changes the character of the entire building.

We have about one more day of work to finish up the outside of the building except for the door.  Then, we will start finishing the inside.  We have decided to put sheetrock on the rafters, white cedar boards on the walls and a hardwood flooring.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Further Progress on the Outside of the Treehouse

We are getting really close to finishing the outside of the treehouse.
The new beige paint color is much better for the siding.  I have now installed most of the windows and put the rolled roofing on the crow's nest.  The trim around the windows is moving along.  A few more days of work and the entire outside will be done with the exception of the door itself.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Finishing the Siding & Other Details

Okay.  So, now that the siding is all installed, I have caulked all the panels (top, bottom, sides, etc.).  The eaves and soffits are all painted. We started painting the siding panels, but decided that the gray color was too cold looking, so we have started repainting it a beige color that looks much better.  Windows are all painted and ready to be installed.

We have tightened the cable to the large pine tree to stabilize the treehouse even further.  I am still considering a third cable. I am not sure if it should be to the pine tree or possibly to the oak tree that the treehouse is built upon.

I have finished building the faux chimney in the workshop. It is made out of wood, and it is covered with facing stones.  It looks real.  It is real heavy. I have to now figure out how to get it up onto the roof of the treehouse.  I am thinking of using a pulley hung from the pine tree immediately above the crow's nest to get it up to the crow's nest from the ground.  From the crow's nest I will move the pulley further over on the branch above the treehouse so that lifting the faux chimney from the crow's nest to the roof will be more easily accomplished.

I purchased a new fixed pane window that I want to mount on the side facing the crow's nest about six feet above the floor of the treehouse and at ground level of the crow's nest.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Finishing the Cedar Shake Roof

Installed the cap shakes on the roof. I ended up making them out of the starter shakes that were left over from the first course at the bottom edges.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Installing the Cedar Shakes

Another day up in the tree.  The cedar shakes are now installed. I still have to put on a final cap row at the peak. I am going to use the left over cedar from the deck boards to fashion those.  I had soaked the shakes during the rain of the last few days with the hopes that the shakes would bend to conform to the gentle curve of the roof, but, while they did bend some, they didn't bend enough.  Perhaps over the months and years to come they will bend more. Only time will tell.

I have picked out the stain for the siding and the trim. Next job is to install the siding. I have to make sure that I caulk the seams between the siding panels and also at the bottom and top so that moisture does not infiltrate into the house.  I intend to use indoor flooring inside the house. I will put down a layer of plastic so that there is less chance of water infiltration.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Further Thoughts on the Treehouse

It is raining and I won't be up in the tree for a few more days.  I have purchased the cedar shakes for the roof. I have been advised to soak the shakes to allow them to bend before I try to install them since the roof has a curve to it.

We have been working on painting all the windows before installation. I have purchased stainless steel hinges for them.

I am building a faux chimney for the roof to be installed before I put on the cedar shakes. I am considering facing the chimney with stone.

I have purchased caulk for sealing the siding so that moisture cannot enter the house.  I want to put down another layer on the floor inside the house.  I have been considering some nice hickory laminate. It will be easier than plywood and look better.  Keeping out the moisture will certainly be better for this kind of flooring.

I intend to use the 2" poles as trim for the windows and on the corners of the building. I will rip the poles in half for the windows, and take out 1/4 of the pole for the corners.

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

It rained today, but cleared up for most of the afternoon.  Late in the day it was starting to sprinkle.  Soon afterward a magnificent rainbow appeared near the treehouse.  
I bought more supplies today.  I still need to buy the shakes for the roof.  Hard to find the really thick ones.